In Defence of Marxism Issue 38

The International Marxist Tendency proudly presents a new issue of the In Defence of Marxism magazine.

In this issue:

John Peterson in ‘The Civil War: America’s Second Revolution’ goes into great detail on to analyse the 1861-1865 conflict from a Marxist perspective. What led up to it, what were the forces behind the unfolding events, and what impact did it have on world history is carefully examined in this gem of the method of historical materialism.

Adam Booth tackles one of the most pressing economic issues the world is facing now in ‘Marxism, Money, and Inflation’. With the spectre of inflation now returning from the 1970s to haunt the strategists of capital, Booth sets things straight and explains in clear Marxist terms what it is, where is it coming from, and what effects it will have on class struggle.


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