Lenin – Speech to the Petrograd Soviet by Zinoviev

  • New pamphlet 43 pages
  • Socialist Appeal 2023

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Biography, Revolutionary Strategy, Russian Revolution

In this speech Zinoviev managed to condense a whole biography of Lenin, and by extension — the history of the Bolshevik Party — which is inextricably bound with its most prominent leader. Aside from extolling personal virtues of Lenin, the speech contains a lot of important political lessons of how Lenin steered the party through waves of revolution and dark periods of counter-revolution, through gross betrayal of the Second International, and into the glorious victory of October – the greatest event in history to this day.

We’re hoping this pamphlet will successfully whet the appetite of any prospective young Leninist to start their educational journey into Lenin’s life and ideas, and join our ranks in building a worthy successor party of the Bolsheviks.

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