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Toward the United Front: Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, 1922

  • New paperback 1310 pages.
  • Haymarket Books 2012.
  • First published 2011.
  • ISBN: 9781608462360.


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History, Revolutionary Strategy, Russian Revolution

“The proceedings of the last Comintern congress in which Lenin participated, at last available in English, reveals a Communist world movement grappling to reconcile the goal of unifying workers and colonial people in struggle with that of pressing forward to socialist revolution. The principle of national parties’ autonomy strains against calls for more stringent centralisation. Debates range over the birth of Fascism, the decay of the Versailles Treaty system, the rise of colonial revolution, and women’s emancipation. Newly translated and richly annotated, the stenographic transcript of the month-long congress discloses a rich spectrum of viewpoints among delegates. Indispensable source material on early Communism is supplemented by an analytic introduction, detailed footnotes, more than 500 short biographies, glossary, chronology, and index.”