Writings of Leon Trotsky [1936-37]

  • New paperback 738 pages.
  • Pathfinder Press 2017.
  • First published 1970.
  • ISBN: 9780873485128.


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Economics, History, Philosophy, Russian Revolution

The Moscow trials and how to expose them as counter-revolutionary frame-ups orgtanised by the Stalinist bureaucracy; The backlash against Marxist theory and practice that developed in the wake of the Moscow trials, and how to counteract the distortions that tried to equate Leninism with Stalinism; The drive toward World War 2, which was being supported by the Second and Third internationals; The need to establish the Fourth International and revolutionary parties in all the countries of the world; and much more!

150 articles, letters, and statements to the press collected here from the ten-month period following his expulsion from Norway.