In Defence of Marxism Issue 37

The International Marxist Tendency proudly presents a new issue of the In Defence of Marxism magazine.

In this issue:

The main article is by Alan Woods on ‘Why is there no revolution? The need for revolutionary leadership’, explaining the essential role of revolutionary leadership and the lessons from the major international mass movements over recent decades.

This is followed by two classic articles from Trotsky, ‘The Class, the Party and the Leadership’ (1940) and ‘Letter to the American Trotskyists’ (1929).

The magazine also contains an article on ‘New Scientist vs Reality’ by Joe Attard, explaining how the New Scientist magazine is no longer a magazine to keep up-to-date with the latest discoveries in science but an organ of subjective idealist views that are not scientific.

Finally, there is a book review on ‘Lenin in London’ by Rob Sewell, looking at the real nature of the debates Lenin was involved in, rebutting the lies and distortions typical of bourgeois historians on the Bolshevik leader.


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