Writings of Leon Trotsky [1934-35]

  • New paperback 551 pages.
  • Pathfinder Press 2011.
  • First published 1971.
  • ISBN: 9780873484039.


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Economics, History, Philosophy, Russian Revolution

47 articles, pamphlets and letters on:

  • How could the French workers be mobilised to defeat the fascists encouraged by Hitler’s victory in Germany?
  • How could they strengthen the small and isolated revolutionary forces in France?
  • How to expose the charges of the assasination of Sergei Kirov as a frame-up? And how to explain the processes of political degeneration inside the first workers’ state?
  • How to create an international movement capable of leadingf a revolutionary struggle against the approaching World War II?
  • How to sort out what was correct and what was incorrect in the ‘Thermidor-Bonapartism’ analogy in its application to the degenerated workers’ state in the Soviet Union?

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