Writings of Leon Trotsky [1929]

  • New paperback 596 pages.
  • Pathfinder Press 2016.
  • First published 1975.
  • ISBN: 9780873484596


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Economics, History, Philosophy, Russian Revolution

Trotsky’s main objectives in 1929 were to circulate his version of the facts of the struggle inside the CPSU and the Communist International from 1923 to 1929; to stem the tendencies among important leaders of the Russian Left Opposition to surrender to the Stalinist bureaucracy; to promote consolidation, on a programmatic basis, of Oppositional groups throughout the world as an international faction of the Comintern.

This contains articles, letters and writings on the meaning of the Stalinist ‘left turn’ to the ‘third period’; thge irreconcilability between the Left Opposition and the Bukharinite Right Opposition; answers to arguments of capitulators among the Left Oppositionists; the Sino-Soviet conflict that almost led to war in Manchuria; a constitutional crisis that brought Austria to the verge of civil war; and much more!

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